Vinter Svets Visdom: Viktiga Underhållstips för Svetsmaskiner och Plasmaskärare

When the winter season arrives, it is important to prepare your welding machines and plasma cutters so that they can function smoothly in cold weather conditions. The low temperature can have a negative impact on the overall performance and lifespan of your equipment. It underlines the need for welders to prioritize the winter maintenance of such equipment.

In this blog you will find some smart tips that will help you protect your welding machines and plasma cutters throughout the winter season.

  1. Find a climate-controlled place to store equipment : Low temperatures can lead to moisture build-up and condensation in your welding machines and plasma cutters. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to store your equipment in a controlled environment when not in active use. This practice ensures a stable temperature and reduces the risk of potential injury.
  2. Inspect and replace consumables : Check consumables daily, focusing on components such as tips, electrodes and nozzles. If you find any worn or damaged parts, replace them immediately, as they may affect the welding quality. You should also stock up on consumables suitable for cold weather conditions.
  3. Keep your equipment dry : Your welding machines and plasma cutters are vulnerable to damage from snow, rain and even dew. To protect them from such elements, you should always use waterproof materials to cover your equipment. You can also place them within protective enclosures for adequate protection.
  4. Make sure All Moving Parts are Lubricated : The lubricants in the machine can thicken due to cold. As a result, friction and wear on the moving parts can increase. So, apply lubricant to gears, hinges and other moving components. This is how you can ensure that the machine runs smoothly during the winter season.
  5. Insulate Cables and Hoses : Freezing temperatures can increase the risk of cables and hoses developing cracks. To ensure that they remain flexible and do not become rigid, it is crucial to insulate them with weather-resistant materials. This is how you protect your equipment and ensure your safety in use.
  6. Perform Inspections Regularly : If you want to maintain your welding machines and plasma cutters during the winter, do regular inspections. Look for signs of corrosion, rust or other damage. Fix any problems quickly to prevent further deterioration. Regular inspections will increase the overall life of your machine and cutter.
  7. Choose Cold Weather Additives : You should use cold weather additives in fluids and lubricants as they will improve their performance at low temperatures. These additives can help your machine work perfectly even in freezing temperatures.


Implementing the aforementioned winter care tips will protect your welding machines and plasma cutters , ensuring their optimal performance during the colder months. Don’t let winter conditions get in the way of your welding projects. Instead, you should take preventive measures to protect your equipment and enable a successful winter welding season.